Thursday, May 23, 2013


Eighteen year old Eesha Khare invents the device that can charge your mobile-cell phone in 20-30 seconds.

Eesha Khare
Eesha Kare18-year-old high school student who invented a tiny device could charge a smartphone in around 20 to 30 seconds.

A Teen Girl Eesha Khare, from California, was awarded as the Young Scientist by the Intel Foundation after developing the tiny device that fits inside mobile phone batteries and could allow them to charge within 20 to 30 seconds.

An Invention of Californian Teen – ‘Supercapacitor’ Can Charge Mobile-Cell Phones in 20-30 Seconds.

A supercapacitor developed by 18-year-old Eesha Kare that can fit inside battery and can charge mobile-cell phones in 20-30 seconds instead of many hours.

What Eesha Khare told ?

"After ascribing my super-capacitor for 20 seconds, I was adept to lightweightweightweightweight an LED device," she said. "Just glimpsing that directed light was my pointer that I understand what I'm doing, and this is genuinely applicable to the genuine world."

I’m sure my parents are proud and thrilled!  Khare told.
“My Cell Phone always dies,” explained by Eesha Khare to NBC San Francisco, when asked what inspired her invention.

The Super Capacitor, she explains on CBS San Francisco, is “basically an energy source device that can hold a lot of energy in a small amount of volume.”

“I am planning to set the earth on fire.”

"The Super Capacitor created can utilises exceptional nanostructure, which permits for a lot larger power per unit volume," Khare said in a video interview at last week's 2013 Intel International research and Engineering Fair in Phoenix.

Furthermore, it offers 10,000 charge/recharge cycles, which is a far cry from the 1,000 or so cycles that many rechargeable batteries have.

In Phoenix, Arizona, At this year’s Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, Eesha Khare displayed her tiny device. Referred to as a Super Capacitor, the item is small enough to fit inside a standard Smart Phone battery. To demonstrate the device, she had it power a small LED-certainly not a power-hungry Smart Phone battery that dies before your train gets to your stop. Eesha Khare won the Intel Foundation ‘Young Scientist Award’, and with a $50,000 prize money, which she plans on using to help pay for college and other scientific endeavors.

I get surprised when I come to know that California teen invents device that could charge a cell phone in 20 seconds means in just 20 seconds. How easy to say this. Many Congratulations to Eesha Khare from Indian People and the other award winners too.

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